Tips on Caring for Your Canoe

When you bought your canoe, it was probably thought of as an investment. One that was sure to give you years of laughter, adventure and memories for you, your friends and your family.


To keep your canoe as good as new, be sure to take the right precautions when cleaning, storing and transporting it. A canoe that is well-kept will last you much longer, creating endless fun.

Follow our top tips for help with the general care of your canoe:


  • Ensure you rinse your canoe after each use to avoid any build up of dirt or damage.
  • Check over your canoe after each time it’s been used. If you spot any damage, repair it immediately to avoid long-lasting issues.
  • Remember, as well as cleaning your canoe, also clean all the gear and accessories that go with it.


What to remember when:


  • Transporting:

It is possible to transport your canoe by car as long as you have the right carrier. Your carrier type is based on your canoe type, shape and size. Always opt for a good quality roof rack and straps over a cheap price, think of it as more of an investment - you don’t want to be on the road to your adventure and the straps snap!

  • Cleaning:

Your first step to cleaning your canoe should always be to give it a thorough rinse, this should be done after each use and before any big cleaning process. You should apply a boat wax at least once a year and spray protectant at least three times during the season, this protects it from the sun’s UV rays.


  • Storage:

When out of season, storing your canoe in the right way is important, it ensures it’ll be ready for you to get straight back on the water once back in season. Store in a protected, indoor location; if it’s left outside, bad weather or animal interference can contribute to long-lasting damage. After you’ve used your canoe for the final time before the season ends, do a full inspection of both the canoe and the equipment. Don’t forget to also wash both the interior and exterior to ensure there’s no leftover sand, saltwater, seaweed etc.


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