Pros and cons of living on a boat

Living on a boat can provide a serene existence, at one with nature and surrounded by a tightly knit community of fellow boaters. But it’s not always an easy life and the need for constant maintenance, along with the hardship that practicalities of living in a confined space can bring, it’s not a lifestyle for everyone. Ultimately, whilst it’s an affordable way of life, a decision to live out on the water should ultimately stem from a love of marine life to be successful.




Life aboard a boat is a more affordable option than the skyrocketing property prices in the capital and across many cities, towns and villages through the UK. With that in mind, it is important to consider more than the base costs, including maintenance, fuel, electricity, waste disposal, insurance and mooring costs and potential council tax etc. 

At one with nature

Living on the water will afford you the opportunity to connect with nature. Nothing can be more beautiful than waking up to the views from deck of aquatic life and the peaceful hum of birdsong. You’ll also be able to live in a much more environmentally friendly and considered way. Energy consumption is much reduced from a more traditional dwelling and there is the opportunity for the use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels for an ultimately carbon-neutral lifestyle. 


It is well known that there is a real sense of neighbourliness amongst boat owners, that is well felt among those moored along canals or anchored in marinas. It is a big draw for many and can ease some of the hardships of living aboard a vessel, with help at hand to support with any emergency repairs or other issues. 


The slower pace of life that comes with living on a boat is a real haven for many. A healthier lifestyle is guaranteed with plenty of fresh air an exercise inevitable. The possibility to explore the intricate waterways and coastal far reaches of this beautiful island is idyllic and one that’s impossible to be taken for granted.

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A boat in its nature is much more exposed to the elements and susceptible to damage from the weather and microorganisms in the water as well as corrosion and rust. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your home is protected and to prevent small problems becoming much bigger and costly restoration projects further down the line.  

Safety and security

Boats are more at risk than other dwellings to vandalism and theft. Cover yourself with adequate insurance to protect your home and your belongings. When considering mooring locations, marinas and boatyards often grant you extra protection, frequently being gated with CCTV and sometimes even security personnel on-site. 


Life on board is not always easy. Space can be cramped, disposing of toilet waste can be a strain and nomadic life doesn’t lend itself to those essential requirements we take for granted like being able to sign up to a GP practice, get access to the internet or easily complete those weekly food shops. All these things need to be considered and utilising a marina as a base point will allow you much easier access to these amenities. 


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