5 Watersports You Must Try on Your Speedboat

Watersports are a great way to add even more fun to your day out on the water. Whether you adventure with friends or family, there is an activity for everyone to get on board with. Owning a speedboat gives you a bit of a head start because you have the main component, now all you need is a rope and you’re ready to choose a watersport.

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We have picked out some of our favourite watersports, perfect for a day filled with thrill and excitement...

  1. 1. Waterskiing

One of the most common watersports is waterskiing, where an individual stands on skis upon the surface of the water and is pulled by the speedboat. Once you’ve mastered waterskiing without falling off, you can then move on to attempting tricks on the water!

2. Wakeboarding
Similar to waterskiing, you are balancing on the surface of the water, being pulled by a rope that is attached to the speedboat. The only difference is that you’re stood on a wakeboard rather than skis! Imagine surfing or snowboarding - you’re taking the same technique to the water.

sign up to myboat3. Tubing
Perfect for those adventuring with kids, tubing is nothing more than great fun. You and your kids can sit on a gigantic inflatable and be pulled across the water every which way! These inflatables come in many different shapes and sizes, from sofas to bananas!

4. Slalom Skiing
If you think you’ve perfected the art of waterskiing, slalom skiing should be next on your list! It’s very similar to waterskiing but you’re balancing on one ski rather than two. This is more extreme and is recommended for more experienced water-skiers.

5. Flyboard
One of the more expensive activities but also one of the most thrilling, is flyboarding. A hydroflighting device pushes you up into the air; the pressure of the water then shoots up to the boots you’re wearing and can take you up to 15m in the air!

 Watersport Safety Tips:

  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Have a second person towing the boat alongside the driver, they will act as a spotter and alert the driver if you fall off
  • Check the towline before each ski
  • Stay clear of other boats and people

For some ideas on where to take your speedboat, download our guide to the best places to visit in the UK.


The best places to take your speedboat in the uk

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