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Which RYA dinghy course should you take?

Aug 19, 2019
Experienced or not, RYA courses help keen sailors advance their skills and become more confident on ...
Jet ski safety tips

Essential safety equipment for your PWC

Jun 17, 2019
Jet ski enthusiasts love the thrill of the open water - the adrenaline-buzz from riding the waves, t...

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8 Things You Need to Know About Your PWC

Jun 14, 2019
A personal watercraft is a fun and relatively inexpensive way to enjoy life on the water all year ro...
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5 Things Every Narrowboat Owner Should Know

Jun 27, 2018
Whether you currently live on a narrowboat or you’re considering a lifestyle change and would like t...

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Narrowboat Safety and Security Tips

Jun 27, 2018
The security of your narrowboat is probably one of your biggest concerns, especially if you leave it...
narrowboat kitchen

6 Tips for Space Saving on Your Narrowboat

Jun 27, 2018
If you own a narrowboat, you probably know that space isn’t totally abundant, and you’re constantly ...
GJW Blog - Speedboat winter storage

How to Store Your Speedboat in Winter

Jun 27, 2018
Unfortunately, that time of year comes around all too quickly and it’s time to put your boat into st...

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GJW Blog - Speedboat winter storage

How to Transport Your Speedboat

Jun 26, 2018
The beauty of having your very own speedboat is the freedom to take it out wherever and whenever you...

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Speedboat Safety Tips You Need to Know

Jun 26, 2018
The most important part of heading out on your speedboat is staying safe, so it goes without saying,...

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How to Store Your Dinghy All Year Round

Jun 22, 2018
An inevitable part of owning a dinghy is figuring out where to store it when you’re not traversing t...

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